Extra Filling WIP
Set created by Adumbdratio
More Dracorex filling coming in the near future.
Added: 12/26/2017
Happy Holidays 2017

Like it says on the card! Happy holidays!
Added: 12/23/2017
Doublescale Crossover Animation
Big Rex by Doublescale, Little Rex by me
Me getting welcomed to the new neighborhood. Thanks to doublescale for helping me a lot with getting familiar with blender, besides providing this super handsome trex :) Also thanks to deino for help with the audio work.
Added: 11/22/2017
Varby Tracking
Help by Deinodragon Rendered by Rangarig
Varby did one of his usual strolls, and got caught on camera! I really wanted to try out blenders camera tracking for a while... and now I did. And yes, it looks fake... but I am happy for a first attempt.
Added: 9/20/2017
Doublescale Crossover
Big Rex by Doublescale, other rex by me
Setteling in in the new neighborhood, getting to know new people...
Added: 9/17/2017