Rexifice 2021 Rerender
Rendered by Rangarig
Rerendering of the 2010 animation. A lot of things I wanted to do back then but could not figure out. I think it does look improved. I might make a 180 deg version of this, but we will see.
Added: 3/16/2021
Testdrive Rerendered 2021 & VR
Rendered by Rangarig
This was an experiment to see if I could export an old 3ds max scene into blender, and render it there using alembic. And yeah... it is possible. None of the materials make it through, and a lot of things need fixing, but as a general principle it works. Then I thought I would make an 180deg view of this old animation, and that took quite a bit of tweaking, but it worked in the end. Just rendered forever. So, enjoy.
Added: 2/28/2021
Rendered by Rangarig
Checking up on the new intelligoo project turned out to be a little bit, premature. There were still some control issues. The rex did not need to worry though... all it wanted was to make him as full as possible.
Added: 1/9/2021