Art By others 2017

Bull Payback
drawn by Uniparasite, Bull by Adumbratio Rex by me
After strapping helpless dracorexes into evil filling machines, there is some payback time
Added: 12/28/2017
Dont worry mr elephant
drawn by Uniparasite, rex is by me
Another day in the lab... after all pachyderms really need to be round... and this one was not. Whats a dracorex to do?
Added: 12/26/2017
In the dragons cave
drawn by Furryrevolution, big dragon is xKomamurax rex is me
A split comission between Komamura and me. I snuck into his cave and... got some treasure to go....
Added: 12/26/2017
Dragons doing Things
Drawn by UrsoFofinho, big dragon is xKomamurax, rex is me.
Its just what dragons do :)
Added: 12/26/2017
Drawn by Nacht, Rex by me
Being at the mercy of a really large dragon does not have to be all bad, does it?
Added: 12/26/2017
Drawn by shinigamisquirrel Panther by Sebi Rex by me
Well... surprise butt humpings do happen sometimes.... and looking up to see red glowing eyes does create such a wonderful squeezing... so it is worth it :)
Added: 10/31/2017
Snake Intrusion
Drawn by CausationCorrelation rextaur by me
When a snake penetrates you... you soon realize there is A LOT of snake...
Added: 2/10/2018
Drawn by Nacht, Rex by me
Revenge can be sweet... and a dracorex makes up for his lack in size by his massive laboratory... but still... if that dragon gets free...
Added: 10/23/2017
Dragonquesting 1/?
Drawn by Ajder
One has to wander what the dracorex was hoping to accomplish trying to pass for a hackasurus, but the dragon boss was not fooled for a second here...
Added: 10/5/2017
Pinned Harder
Drawn by Nacht, rex by me
But it turns out, even huge size differences can be overcome by a sufficiently cunning macro dragon
Added: 9/24/2017
drawn by Nacht
When such a huge dragon pays an interest in you... running might be a good idea... but it seems to be too late for that... so... you better hope you can ride it out.
Added: 9/24/2017
Drawn by mrpandragon, Comissioned by Sebipanther, Rex by me
When they said they had something special for my birthday, and it would be very filling... I really thought it was cake... this time.
Added: 9/24/2017
Drawn by Cureboltium
Specimen harvesting from these really large minotaurs, could have gone worse, I suppose :)
Added: 9/24/2017
Rangs Well Filled Rear
Drawn by Ajder, Rex by Me
Nasty critters chained up the dracorex in his own laboratory again... to see how much blue liquid they could fit in the poor creature... seems like they are not quite done.
Added: 9/24/2017
Rex Regrets Rrrrrrgh
Drawn by Ajder, Rex by Me
Putting that on himself, seemed like a good idea at the time... but the machine was so overenthusiastic, so now the rex is trying to pull it off... but it kinda wants to stay on and fill him...
Added: 9/24/2017
Rex Fulfilling Fixtures
Drawn by Ajder, Rex by Me
The rex being suspended and filled from all ends. One should think he would be used to it by now... but... no, its one of these things, that you never get used to I suppose.
Added: 9/24/2017
Rex Found Rex
Drawn by Ajder, Rex by Me
Based on a true story... when I found that eliott figurine in one shop... I really needed to have it... it was so wonderfully chubby. Had the shop not been closed I am sure I would have gotten him.
Added: 9/24/2017
Rex Drawn Like One Of Them French Girls
Drawn by Ajder, Rex by Me
Its a dracorex drawn like one of them french girls :)
Added: 9/24/2017
Rex Come Here
drawn by Ajder, Rex by me
An invting dracorex... wanting you to follow him... to show you his... stamp collection, I am sure.
Added: 9/24/2017
A Land before Rex
Drawn by Ajder, Rex by Me
Always being drawn to the bigger Species, the dracorex here has some fun with a brachiosaur.
Added: 9/24/2017
Raunchy Rex On Raptor
Drawn by Ajder, Rex by Me
It must be all these experiments in the lab... I blame the Rats! But apparently this rex was very horny, and decided to help that state by humping a rather smallish raptor. Well I am sure he will not walk straight for a while, but he will be fine.
Added: 9/24/2017
1 after another 1
Drawn by Nacht, Rex by me
Lets try that gloryhole place... whats the worst that could happen... like usual a rex gets more than he had bargained for.
Added: 2/19/2017
Coiled 2
Drawn by Nacht, Rex by me
Nobody can hug like a big python... that must be why I keep ending up in these situations... but the lenghts a rex will go through for a good hug :)
Added: 2/19/2017
I expect you to swell
Drawn by Nacht, Rex by me
Do you expect me to talk? No Mr Dracorex, I expect you to swell!
Added: 2/19/2017
Riding Gonnir
Drawn by Pulsar, Gonnir by Himself, Rex by me
When Gonnir offered me a ride, I became suspicious when he turned himself on his back... well... good thing a dracorex is very stretchy!
Added: 2/19/2017
Drawn by Nacht
Yup. Bit off more then he can chew. Though he's going to have to keep getting more without biting as they line up on the other side of the ol' glory hole >:3~
Added: 4/9/2017
Drawn by Nacht, Schadow by Him, Rex by me
With both shafts inside, shi explodes in pleasure while holding on as Rangarig stretches in more ways then one :3
Added: 4/9/2017
Drawn by Nacht, Slii'r by Nacht, Shadow by shadowfoxslave
The rex gets in way deeper then normal with a pair of naga's, Slii'r and Shadow having their way with Rang, quad stuffing his rear end and unloading such massive orgasms in him his scale plates start to separate and seed gushes from his nose. :p
Added: 4/9/2017
Industrialized dracowrex
Drawn by Blackshirtboy, rex by me
As if being turned into a dracowrex was not bad enough... they sure seem to have improved on the concept quite a bit. They seem to be able to handle a large volume of critters these days :)
Added: 4/9/2017
Brachio in Bucketfulls
drawn by Nacht, Rex by me
Seems it does not matter what time period I am in... I end up getting stuffed
Added: 4/9/2017
Elephant Troubles
Drawn by Cureboltium, Patchyderm by Cureboltium, Rex by me
When a particulary big specimen asked if the rex wanted a ride... you should think that by now he would have known to run and not look back... instead he has his tail and belly stretched with pachyderm goodness :)
Added: 4/16/2017
Adumbratio forcefeeding
Drawn by , Adumbratio by himself, Rex by me
Well, when there is a nice bull there, dragons sometimes feel like they need to be full... there is nothing that we can do! Adumbratio feels that he IS full, but a rex knows better :)
Added: 4/16/2017
Rangarig humps Sebipanther
Drawn by Furryrevolution, Sebi by Sebipanther, Rex by me
Sometimes dragons can be mean to cats. Though I am sure I was not too mean in that case :)
Added: 6/5/2017
DragonQuesting 3/?
Drawn by Ajder, Rex by me, Dragon by Dragonquest
Well sometimes, in order to blend in... a rex has to expand... to fit his assumed position
Added: 6/5/2017
Dragon Pens
Drawn by Omega
Some facilities do not know how to pay proper respect to dragons... treating them like lifestock... and all in the name of science.
Added: 6/9/2017
Strapped and Trapped 3
drawn by Nacht, Zimsp and Rex by me
As the Goat demon finaly achieves his goal, and gets what he came for... boy does he get it. The rex was all pent up it seems... hard to swallow for the snake penis of a demon goat.
Added: 6/9/2017
Drawn by Nacht, Zimsp by me
A goat demon with unusual endowment... just about to unsheath.
Added: 6/9/2017
Rex, Rangarig Rex
Drawn by Nacht, Rex by me
We thought we would explore my passion for James Bond movies a bit... and do a few classic bond themes, only with a dracorex instead of a british secret agent :)
Added: 2/19/2017
Physical Exam
drawn by Nacht, Nevix by himself, Rex by me
As if having some nanobots rewrite parts of my DNA was not bad enough... nooo he has to keep filling me. How do I keep ending up in these situations?
Added: 6/9/2017
Only one way to find out
Drawn by dipingxiangtr.d
These two dragons wondered how much they could fit in this poor fuzzy critters bladder... and there was only one way to find out about it after all.
Added: 8/27/2017
Full Circle
Drawn by Nacht, Rex by Me
Either and Eeasher are showing the rex just how deep Eithers Tongue can go.
Added: 8/27/2017
Drawn by Nacht, Greldon by Himself, Stallion by Nacht
When that well hung stallion Critter expressed interest in humping Greldon, he was very quick to offer a substitute
Added: 8/27/2017
EF23 Blajn GryphonRex
Drawn by Blajn
Little did he know what he was getting into when he casually mentioned he had not had Gryphon before. The gryphon sure had him.
Added: 8/27/2017