JustYiff <1>

Something harmless... mostly... VarB helps Dragon 3.0 with a bit of a problem :) At some point 3.0 takes the initiative, but they seem to be enjoying themselves, don't they? Hopefully there will be a sequel soon, to show off VarB's face a little bit better :)
Added: 10/10/2008
JustYiff <2>

Still rather harmless... trying to show off VarB's new abilities... hope it comes across... might be fun too... spooge!
Added: 10/10/2008
Dragon 3.0 Variant B

Well to be honest, he would deserve the Name Dragon 4.0 much better, but then, its kinda to late to change all his naming now... or at least I am too lazy :) I think he turned out cute, but judge for yourself :)
Added: 10/10/2008