Happy Holidays 2019
by Rangarig
I wish you all some happy relaxing holidays. I sure feel like I need them, see you next year!
Added: 12/24/2019
Milking Cycle
Machinery and Background by Adumbratio
I should really stop sleeping in the rexlabs breakroom, I never seem to wake up there again. This time the raptors want to find out if dracorex orgasms can be increased and repeated indefinately with artificial enhancements.
Added: 11/16/2019
Dracowrex Mounting
Rendered by Rangarig
Sequel to Dracowrex TF. After Transforming the dracorex into a Cow pooltoy, its time for Varby to do a testride. And I think he is fairly pleased with the results.
Added: 6/11/2019
RL Greldon and Rangarig
Greldon by himself
Greldon and Rangarig in their final destination.
Added: 3/10/2019
RL Greldon
Greldon by Himself
I got myself a 3d Printer for Xmas, and this is one of my first bigger projects with it. Took quite a while to make, but for my first attempt at something like that, i think it turned out none too shabby. Also... its greldons birthday gift, so sssssh... don't tell him!
Added: 2/11/2019