Greldon (c) Himself, Rangarig (c) Himself
Have a Herpy Christmas and Scaly new Year!
Added: 12/18/2009
by Rangarig, Greldon (c) Himself
Nobody that would want to keep his head would call Tigerdragons economical... but sometimes you could get the impression...
Added: 11/18/2009
Udder Terror
Rendered by Rangarig, Audio by Deino, Rayverak, Me, Soundsnap, freesound.org thanks to Draconicus and Grimm
Stranger things have happened in the Rex labs... but not many :) Well... I am not sure what it is about udders... but I like em. I am trying something new with this one. Since I saw that mp4 is now supported out of the box by windows7, xbox360 and ps3, and since its quite an efficient format, I am going to use that as my main animation format from now on.
Added: 11/17/2009
Milkings... (Udder Terror WIP)

Well... at least he can get rid of some of the pressure.
Added: 10/22/2009
oh. So it can get worse. (Udder Terror WIP)

Obviously... it can get worse. Much worse.
Added: 10/22/2009
Udder-Terror WIP (... or can it?)

... and the rex must be thinking... uh... a raptor with an udder... unusual specimen... so this is another milking... well at least it could be worse...
Added: 10/22/2009
At least it can't get worse

Preparations for the current project. Will take a while, bit complex here and there. But... It hought this test render turned out nicely so far.
Added: 9/26/2009
Raptor Stuff (ing)
Based on a picture by AWE, Greldon by Himself, Animation by Rangarig, Horse model provided by Rayverak, most audio found on soundsnap.com rest by Deinodragon
Well... you know how it is. Raptors get stuffed sometimes... this one does not seem to mind too much in the end. Based on AWE's excellent picture "inflation 2". Hope you will enjoy, too.
Added: 9/22/2009
Greldon's Bad Scale Day
Greldon, Rangarig (c) Himself, Fire by cuteEevee, music found on soundsnap.com
Well everybody knows these days... scales just won't align, the local high-tech knights start acting up... time to teach them a lesson, on your way to your favorite thing in the world... Well... I think for my first attempt to write a game in flash, I could have done worse. The game might take a while to load, so if you know how to run an SWF file that is embedded in a Zip, I strongly recommend going for the zip instead.
Added: 8/23/2009
Favorite Activity
Greldon and Rangarig (c) Their Players
Well its our favorite activity, but of course I guess its followed closely by making our hoards bigger :)
Added: 5/8/2009
Rangarig (c) Himself
Well... all kinds of things can happen in an evil laboratory :)
Added: 4/26/2009
Greldon keeps Mating
Greldon, Deinodragon and Rangarig (c) Their Players
Well... as the Tiger dragon does not seem to be satet... we are doing our best to satisfy him :)
Added: 4/15/2009
Rangarig Rides Greldon 2
Greldon and Rangarig (c) Their Players
And then I thought... Hey! I gotta be able to make that more explicit.
Added: 4/14/2009
Rangarig Rides Greldon
Rangarig & Greldon (c) Their Players
Well Greldon gives Rangarig some Riding lessons. He could pretend he imagined doing something different... but it would be a lie :)
Added: 4/14/2009
Greldon Mating Mate
Greldon and Rangarig (c) Their players
Well... Greldon mating with me :) On the Beach. What could be more fun :)
Added: 4/13/2009
Rangarig (c) Himself
Well... he is finally rigged. I am still not very good at rigging, but he should be able to move well enough to be abused :) Also look at the tiny wings :)
Added: 4/12/2009
Deino Rimming Greldon
DeinoDragon (c) Himself, Greldon (c) Himself
Deino rimming my Tigerdragon. They seem to enjoy each other there :)
Added: 2/18/2009
Nacht: Abuse
Nacht (c) himself Animation by Rangarig
Well... about time the boys in the lab gave this Demon a testrun, don't you think?
Added: 2/6/2009
Faithry's milkfarm
Trade with Faithry, rendered by Rangarig
Increased efficiency in RexLabs Raptor milking Facility thanks to a certain Swan Consultant :) Was an Arttrade with Faithry.
Added: 1/20/2009