rendered by rangarig
Sometimes, when you are full of cookies, you just want to chill.
Added: 12/30/2022
Raptor Suckage
Rendered by Rangarig Strongly inspired by max_tony
I still want to look into more first person stuff for VR. I saw max_tony's raptor series, and thought... this would be super neat in an 180 degree view... so I made my own version which is not half as nice... but... has these specs :) So if you look at the links below, you will see a zipped version of the animation. That animation contains a 60fps 180degree stereoscopic version in 2560x2560, which is the recommended spec for the oculus quest. Should work with pretty much all headsets, decent player provided. I have only tested it on the quest, and it worked fine.
Added: 3/1/2020