Happy Holidays 18

I wish you the best of holidays and a great new year!
Added: 12/24/2018
XXXmas18 with closeup
Greldon by Himself Rendered by Rangarig
After fiddeling around with the Raptors tailhole this much, I thought it was a shame that it was not visible all that much... so I thought I closeup might help.
Added: 12/22/2018
XXXmas18 Closeup
Rendered by Rangarig Greldon by Himself
The closeup as standalone... if you want to see the Tigerdragon humping... up close.
Added: 12/22/2018
XXXMas 20th anniversary edition
Rendered by Rangarig, Greldon by Himself celebrating 21 years of Rangarig weirdness
I wanted to do something for my 20th anniversary last year, but did not get around to do it. So instead, I will make the 20th anniversary edition of this animation that I first posted 20 years go: Here is to another 21 years of weirdness!
Added: 12/8/2018
Dracowrex Valve TF final
animated by Rangarig
After testing the Pooltoy transformation machinery setup for a good long while, it was shown that the Process can be done a lot more efficiently with a tiny valve like appaeratus, that only requires a little bit of dragon magic to trigger the process.
Added: 11/4/2018
Extra Filling POV Version
Rendered by Rangarig, Background and Machinery by Adumbratio
Not every Experiment can be a success. I tried to see how this animation would translate into POV, and the answer is... poorly. You hardly see whats going on... even though it rendered for weeks its rather flickery... well... if the perspective was more interesting I would invest more into this. But I think POV is better explored in scenes specifically designed for it. View this with VRViewer on Google Cardboard (what I tested it with) or with Gopro Movie viewer (again thats what I tested I am sure there are more) on the VR Headset of your choice.
Added: 10/29/2018
Dracowrex Valve TF 3
Animation by Rangarig
And a third preview
Added: 10/28/2018
Dracowrex Valve TF 2
By rangarig
Another preview of the upcoming transformation animation
Added: 10/28/2018
Dracowrex Valve TF
Rex and Varby and Rendering by Rangarig
The conversion Process still seemed way too complicated, so RexLabs made the process more efficient. Now all you need to Pooltoy conversion is a single Valve... and some Dragon magic. Animation coming soon
Added: 10/28/2018
Pooltoy Project
Drawn by Rangarig, Set Modeled by Adumratio Help by Rayverak
Ever since I saw the first transformation paint stuff, it really itched in my claws to try that myself. I don't think I am quite there yet, and this scene does not show of the system at its best... but I think its heading in the right direction. One of these days I will try to expand that into having him transform into a different species at the same time, that should be interesting. Anyway... so, apparently they opened a new wing in rexlabs to see just how endurable they can make pool toys... and there is a lot of pooltoy science to be had after all.
Added: 3/11/2018
PoolToyTF Teaser3
Rendered by Rangarig, background by Adumbratio
And the last teaser image for the upcoming pool toy transformation sequence
Added: 2/14/2018
PoolToyTF Teaser2
Rendered by Rangarig, Backgrounds by Adumbratio
And another teaser image for the upcoming Pooltoy transformation animation
Added: 2/14/2018
PoolToyTF Teaser1
Rendered by Rangarig, backgrounds by Adumbratio
Teaser image for the upcoming pool toy TF animation.
Added: 2/14/2018
Extra Filling
Set by Adumbratio, some Audio by Rayverak, Rendered by Rangarig
When they said I should take a look at the new equipment... I certainly did not expect to inspect it in such high detail. Also the fittings were oddly dracorex custom shaped. But I am sure it was all an accident.
Added: 1/16/2018