Easy on the Throat

Dragon snacking on a freshly filled human
Added: 8/22/2017
DonkeyTF Preview01
By Rayverak and Rangarig
Some Teaser pictures of a project I have been working on and off with rayverak for a few years now... things are looking good. The project has entered beta phase, so we should see release in a few weeks. (sorry, rendertimes are really long)
Added: 12/26/2011
Herpy Xmas 2011
Greldon (c) Himself, Rangarig by me
Its the time of the year again :) This time we practiced a little Santa routine... and we are still not quite sure what exactly went wrong... but we had to abandon the idea... we just could not make it work :) Happy Holidays :)
Added: 12/23/2011
Urethral Train
Rendered by Rangarig as part of Trade with 5-D
Macro Raptors need fun, too. This raptor is enjoying his own variation of sounding. Most certainly a traumatic expirience for the passengers, but then the memory of things is going to be washed away soon. Sorry, no sound this time, I just could not find anything in my archives that would sound properly macro for this cumshot... so I gave up. Part of a trade with 5-D. His part of the trade is attached as a link.
Added: 12/13/2011
Nacht, Greldon and Rangarig (c) Themselves, Audio with help by Deinodragon, Rendered by Rangarig
Just something to get back into the Groove. Seems nacht the Demon is in some form of mild trouble, being humped by two horny scalies, namely me and my mate.But I suppose we were gentle enough to not have to fear any demon wrath... just in case... I gotta run!
Added: 11/10/2011
Greldon (c) Himself
Well... going to amusementparks, can lead to some interesting sights, when you go with a horny tigerdragon
Added: 7/20/2011