By Rangarig
Varby could not stop posing after he saw that Fanart of himself :)
Added: 7/19/2016
Greldon by Himself, Rest by me
I wish you all happy Holidays and a good 2016 :)
Added: 12/24/2015
Test Drive
Help by Rayverak and Deino Anim by Rangarig
As they are moving out of an older part of the Lab, Varby and Rangarig decide to have fun in the old place. Hopefully they have not cleaned up yet. This was supposed to be a quick test of the retexturing and rerigging of varby... but... I don't do quick anymore... took forever. And this is planned to be my last work in 3ds max. I will make a true effort to learn blender now. But we will see. Never say never and all that.
Added: 10/21/2015
Greldon Rex AR badges
AR App done by Gonnir, Greldon by himself, Dracorex by me
Like promised before eurofurence, here are the fully functional AR Badges. Download and install this APK to your android phone, and you should be able to see greldon and me hanging from our QR codes. If it does not work, I am sorry. Both QR codes basically lead your phone to the same APK, and at the same time the codes are used by the APK behind it to place greldon or rangarig. TLDN: You need to download only ONE of the APKs.
Added: 8/29/2015
Apk by Gonnir, Rex by me
So for this years eurofurence I thought I would go with some even geekier badges... and made them AR Badges. If you want to see, I can show you on my phone, or the barcode on my badge with download the APK that you need :)
Added: 8/15/2015
Whos heart is that?!
Greldon by Himself, Rex by me
Romantic gestures can be problematic between scalies sometimes :)
Added: 2/13/2015