Merry Christmas 2013
Greldon by Himself, Rang by me
Merry Christmas 2013!
Added: 12/23/2013
Big Playtime

Seems VarBy has hypered up, and also found a new toy.
Added: 12/21/2013
Happy Halloween
Evil rex by me :)
Well... seems like we have some parrallel dimension thing going on here.
Added: 10/31/2013
Done By Rangarig, Greldon, Daloon by themselves
They had some trouble deciding who would get to stuff the Rex first... then someone had the idea: Why wait... we can shaaaaare... Dracorex have a difficult life sometimes :)
Added: 10/15/2013
Animated by Rangarig
After ingesting the Rex' generous DNA sample, the goo has devised a way to abuse a dracorex even more effectively.
Added: 8/20/2013
Rangarig and anim by himself
As the owner of Rexlabs you would think the employees would have some respect... but no... in the absense of other subjects, they just run the goo experiment on the only available dracorex... good thing I am that flexible :)
Added: 3/5/2013