Please read this section first, before sending emails to me.


Q: Why does the %§"$§"$ download take so long?!?!.


A: A lot of people are propably trying to download from the same server. That happens ex-specially fequently on a release day. I am sorry, but this server is pretty much the best I can afford that will host my kind of content. Only thing I can recommend is getting a download manager, to avoid timeouts destroying your file integrity, or try again later.


Q: I downloaded one of your movies, but it won't play. What can I do?
Q: How do I play a Zip file?


A: Well first of all, you will need to find a way to unpack the zip archives. Most modern operating systems can unpack zip right out of the box. Inside of the zip file are the playable animation files. Older files can contain .avi or .wmv files, the more recent animations contain .mp4 files.


Q: I unpacked the Zip archive but the animation still won't play.

A: Depening on the filetype you find inside of the zip file, different precautions might be obligatory:


AVI Files:


All AVI files can be viewed if the xvid codec is installed on your system. You can get it at www.xvid.org, it is free. However I found that its easier in most cases to use the VLC player which will not only play the avi files flawlessly, but the mp4 files as well. Also it is available for a lot of operating systems VLC Player can be aquired here: VLC Media Player and it is free aswell.


Mp4 Files:


Windows 7 plays MP4 files out of the box. On other operating systems, i recommend using the VLC player as well. VLC Player can be aquired here: VLC Media Player and it is free.


WMV Files:


There aren't a lot around on the site anymore, and its pretty much a windows only thing. If your windows media player will not play them right away, you are usually out of luck. I recommend downloading the avi version instead, and using VLC player.


Q: The animation plays generally but it is rather choppy.

A: Well I am afraid there is nothing I can do for you.
DivX needs a lot of performance,
so your computer might be too slow to play the file.
If the Low Quality version plays choppy for you,
it might still be possible that the High Quality version
will play better, but that will only rarely be the case.


Q: I downloaded one of your movies in wmv format, but vlc will skip and stutter and show weird colors while trying to replay it.


A: The WMV's I encode for whatever reason seem to disagree with the vlc player. They play fine on windows media player, and the xbox though, so as a workaround I would suggest to use the XVID version with VLC instead. The quality should be about the same.


Q: I downloaded one of your movies, but it stops playing after 6 seconds, what is wrong with the movie?


A: Your XVid codec is too old. If you have an old version of the codec installed you are unable to play any content created with a newer version of the codec. Its strange that you did not encounter such a problem before. However its usually rather easy to fix. Go to www.xvid.org and download the most recent version of the codec, and install it.


Q: Why don't you use the XYZ Animation format.


A: Yes, I am aware that there are other animation formats out there. I try to keep up to date, but its not my highest Priority. Currently I am sticking with MP4, first because the quality of h.264 is excellent at low bandwith, and second because I see a surprisingly wide support for such a young format out there.


Q: I can't download this huge animation file. The download always stops after a while.

A: Well you should have expirienced that with huge downloads elsewhere, too. But the only thing you can do
is getting a download manager. The download might still stop after a while, but the download manager
can and will automatically resume from there. Good download managers are:


Free Download Manager (www.freedownloadmanager.org) (the one I use myself)

Q: I want you to make an animation of my character. Where can I contact you?

A: Sorry, but I do not take requests anymore. And you should be
glad I do not. In the past I accepted a lot of requests, but I was
only able to complete a fracture of the animations I promised. Nowerdays
I have even less time for animation so even if you would get me to promise
animating anything for you, I would propably not do it anyway.
So please, just don't ask.


Q: I want your Object and Scene files. Where can I get them?


A: Nowhere. Sorry, but you won't get them. Asking this is pretty much like asking
a pencil artist to create stencils for you, so you can create pictures that look
just like his, only with your name under it. Posing characters is the fun
part about animation, so if you want to do something along these lines,
I would recommend getting Poser, which will let you do just that. Besides
a lot of the objects I created are based on characters actually played by people.
How would you feel if I gave away something that would enable someone to
create movies of you doing whatever he feels like?


Q: I want you to teach me animation. Do you have time on Friday?

A: No. This is nothing personal, but No. I seriously hardly have time
and resources to animate myself, and to teach myself new things,
so I definately don't have the resources to teach you. Animating is a complex
field, I can't snap a claw, and then you know everything about it. I would
seriously recommend buying a book about the software you plan to use
instead. That will be much more helpful than I could possibly be. Then there
are tutorials which helped me alot when I was learning it. Good places
to look for tutorials are listet in the links section.
Otherwise if you have a specific question you are trying to figure out I will
try to answer it as good as I can, but you have to realize, that you propably
know more about 3d animation than me.