Rangarig and Greldon by themselves.
The image I used for my Christmas Cards this year. Two scalies enjoying the good life.
Added: 1/30/2011
Rangarig and Rendering by me, Help by Rayverak, Grimm and Deino
Its one of these days. You wake up shakeled to an altair, and hear things slithering towards you... sometimes it can be a very fullfilling expirience. This is one of these times. Poor Dracorex :)
Added: 3/21/2010
Greldon - The Record Player
Greldon is Himself
Well... its a useful trick, isn't it?
Added: 2/3/2010
Tentacle Eggs WIP

Well... I am not sure how this keeps happening, but I seem to find myself in these tight spots... you just do not get out of. This is work in progress. Will contain tentacle egg deposits.
Added: 2/3/2010